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Spring/Summer 2011
The Dread Pirate Willoughby Caught
Willoughby is quite the Adventurer. Here we shall document some of her more interesting plunders....
Willoughby Caught is a nationally known songstress whose quick wit and clever lyrics have been delighting Pirates and Wenches of all ages for years. Her last CD "My Inner Pirate" is played regularly on Bilgemunky Radio. Soon to be released is "Naughtical Naughties"... a collection of witty ditties and double entendre lyrics celebrating the more mature side of piracy!!
Winning moment! I won the Tony Swatton sword in a dice game with the Order of Leviathan High roller! so Willoughby Caught gets the bronze and steel sword made by "metalworker to the stars" Tony Swatton! What a lucky weekend. This is taken at the Induction Ceremony after winning a Pirate's Magazine national contest for accomplished pirate Captains awarding Willoughby a much coveted place in the Order of Leviathan.
Last weekend's pirate feast in the Outer Banks with some new mates... A Pirate feast during the Kitty Hawk Kites Pirate Week. I have never seen this much seafood before in my life!!
with members of the Colonial Seaport Foundation at the Customs House in Hampton, VA Check out for updates on the Luna Project. Here are members with the newly built Customs House in Hampton, VA
The Order of Leviathan Pirate's Magazine's Devil's Dozen The Order of Leviathan aboard the Bounty 2010
Blackbeard's Crew of Hampton, VA This is the 6th year Willoughby has been in the Crew. She served for several years as Master of Chantys


The Ring. These were made for each of the winners using the skull and sea serpent of Talderoy's design My ring. I love my specially made Order of Leviathan ring. The great memories of the weekend make it even more special to me. Thanks Pirate's Magazine and Talderoy!!!
Willoughby leads some new pirate friends in an invasion... Fierce pirate women (and man) attack at the Outer Banks
Willoughby Caught and Ima Dunfore perform at Beaufort NC Pirate Invasion as a duet and with Rusty Cutlass, Skip Henderson, and many local musicians. A fine time was had by us at the Beaufort, NC Pirate Invasion where we joined forces with the likes of Rusty Cutlass and Skip Henderson to provide some first class pirate entertainment.
Capt. Horatio Sinbad from the Meka II Willoughby visits with Capt. Sinbad at the Blackbeard Festival